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2017, March. Long Island. Furniture Collection.

The #1 questions people ask me when I attend a speaking engagement or conference is “Do you like your short hair?”  or “Are you and your sister talking?” after my sister chopped off my hair and I hated it. Yes. I am talking about a real adult relationship between two women who are related, not some childhood story where my sister cut my bangs.

But for those of you who are wondering, Yes, I love my short hair and my sister. We are closer than ever. Thankyouverymuch.

Bright room

Okay, the second most common question I get is about my photography. As a total amateur and someone who is honest, a little insecure about my photography skills, it makes my little heart soar when people think I know what I am doing in the photo department.

Words of affirmation are my love language people. “What settings do you use on your DSLR Camera?”

Sadly, I know enough to be dangerous on my camera, but not enough to explain it. “Did you take a photography class?”

Yes. I took an online class but I think I only completed half of it.  If there would have been a test I am certain I would have scored a C-.

Cinematic photo

As someone who resisted learning about photography for many years, I have grown to really love it. When my camera broke this past year I felt so unmotivated to tackle projects. Shooting the pictures makes the piece come to life and I was sad to be without that final step in my furniture flipping process.

If you have a furniture flipping business the single most important thing you can do is learn your way around your camera. This is one item that I guarantee will increase your business.

My photos have been featured on The Today Show’s website, The Huffington Post (twice!), Buzzfeed, and much more nationally know sites. Not bad for a C- student.

Creative space

I am fortunate enough to have an excellent backdrop in my studio – a white wall with faux brick that I whitewashed myself. I realize most people do not have this option but there are a ton of alternatives for camouflaging your less than photo friendly garage space.

The fastest way to revamp your photo space is to purchase some photography backdrops. Etsy has a great selection but if you have a better source for them I would love to hear about it.

Show all of the different details of the piece of furniture.  The knobs, any special detail, or blemishes you want to disclose to your buyers.  Different angles add interest and show off what makes your piece a work of art.

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