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My Oasis – Avalon Beach

Janie has been living in New Jersey ever since she was a kid. Her family has been there for hundreds of years. Her father gave her a Forester Subaru on her 18th birthday when she successfully passed her university entrance exam. Everyday after school time, she loves to drive on her Forester to Avalon beach.

“The car is roomy enough for my whole family, plus my two dogs,” she says. I drive on my Subaru to the beach on a daily basis. The beach is truly my oasis–it’s the only place where, it doesn’t matter how much I’ve had to deal with or how big my problems are, the sight of the ocean puts me immediately at peace.  It’s a wonderful tool to replenish my soul.”


My oasis – Avalon beach

She works at a radio station in the weekend. Her work involves managing a team but also dedicating time to patients as they undergo a tremendous amount of care.

“I get to interact with so many patients during the day and the results of my intervention in their care is immediate gratification,” says Janie.  “As soon as I take their x-ray I can see it and send it directly into their chart for a physician to interpret–it’s a necessary step in their care and the patients are often so grateful… it’s just a satisfying feeling to know you’re part of their care.”

When she’s not at work, Janie hops in her 2016 Forester and goes to her boyfriend’s house. They love travelling on her car to faraway places when they have time. But her favorite is still Avalon. On a sunny Sunday at this beach in 2016, her boyfriend proposed to her. She said yes. This year, she celebrated one year of marriage on this beach with her friends and family.

This is not just a place, it’s become a friend of mine. I always feel full of energy when I get here. I am trying to save up money to buy a house near the beach, so that I can walk on it everyday and watch the sun goes up.



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